Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for (EBR)

Updated: 2/9/2024

What Information do we collect?

Our event registration forms for our free events collect your name, email, and cell phone (optional) if you wish to receive a text reminder of an event for which you have registered. Contact information for event registrations is stored in a database and used to send event reminders for the registered event.

Our various forms for paid events, donations, and membership fees collect, in addition to the information above, relevant payment information, including credit card and billing address information. The credit card information is stored at our payment processor and is not accessible by members of the EBR Team.

Various forms are used to collect name and email information which allows individuals to opt-in to receive email updates, including reminders about upcoming events. This contact information, including name and email, is stored at our email list provider and is accessible only to members of the EBR Team who are directly involved in sending email to our members and interested parties (who have opted-in).

How do we use the information?

As mentioned above, we use the collected information to stay in touch with members and other interested individuals, process applicable payments, and maintain a membership roster.

What information do we share?

We never sell or provide access to the information we collect to any third parties, individuals, organization, companies, or services, except those service providers listed above, whose services we have engaged to assist us in running the organization.

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