Lessons in Life Long Learning Book

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“Why lifelong learning? It is in learning that we connect with our humanity. We connect with the big picture that the universe is a big place, and the intricacies are infinite. Why is that important? The more we know the better we can live and the better we can serve. The more we know, the more we know there is so much we do not know. In that recognition we find our humility and consequently our ability to connect with humanity. To learn something new is life-giving and energizes us.” – Mark Wittig

This collections of essays was created to help guide Life Long Learners, and those striving to be, explore the wonderful world of experiences available to everyone who embraces a life of being curious:

Humility and a Lifelong Learner
By Mark Wittig

Three Strategies of Lifelong Learning
By Peter Braeuler

On Being a Lifelong Learner: Learn to Teach and You Teach Yourself to Learn
By Malcolm Coon

Lifelong Learning Through the Eyes of an Educator
By Robyn Tresnak

Lifelong Learning: An Antidote to Aging
By Pat Whitty

Who Are You, Really?
By Robert Schmidt

Structured Lifelong Learning
By John Knotts

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