Wine and Cheese: Time of Hope


June 19, 2024    
5:30 pm - 7:15 pm


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University of the Incarnate Word - SEC Ballroom
4301 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas, 78209

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by James M. Smallwood
Presented by: Professor Mario Salas

Reconstruction in Texas was a complex and challenging time for Black Texans. While Juneteenth, the announcement of freedom, brought hope, it was overshadowed by violence and hostility from white supremacists. Black celebrations were met with killings and intimidation tactics.

Despite the dangers, Black Texans sought to build new lives. However, economic opportunities were scarce. The promise of land ownership (forty acres and a mule) never materialized. Laws were passed to prevent Blacks from acquiring land, while whites benefitted from the Homestead Act. This act solidified economic disparity between the races.

The legacy of Reconstruction in Texas is one of dashed hopes and continued racial oppression. Black Texans’ attempts to claim their freedom and economic security were thwarted by a system rigged in favor of white supremacy.

The book review will be led by Professor Mario Marcel Salas, a civil rights leader, author, and politician from San Antonio, Texas. Born in 1949, he was active in the Civil Rights Movement as a young man and continues to fight for social justice today.

Salas was a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and has championed various causes throughout his career, including the establishment of a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Texas state holiday. He is a retired professor of political science and currently a lecturer at UTSA. He is also the president of San Antonio Community Radio (KROV) and remains active in local politics.


Wednesday, June 19, 20, 2024
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